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$0.20 for every click!

DataVoid hereby brings you an income opportunity to earn money passively through affiliate marketing.

Advertise and share products and services with your friends and followers to earn easy money! Pre designed templates allows users to share their affiliate links easily and effortlessly- From banners to email templates allowing you to share your links smartly. The affiliate links are carefully monitored and through them you can earn upto $0.20 for every click and also get 30% commission for every sale.

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What Do We Offer

Affiliate Earning

Easily earn through your affiliate links.Share your unique links with everyone and earn.

Passive Income

A way to earn money passively. Once set up, you can easily earn upto $4 per day depending on your impressions and clicks.

Email Templates

Share your links through email with amazing templates to attract more refferals. Customise your templates easily to suit your needs.

Share links

Quick and efficient sharing with your contacts and friends

Easy Payouts

You can withdraw money directly to paypal once the withdrawal limit is reached

Powerful analytics

Every link and click is monitored and censored to protect from bots and spams.

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